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Becoming Human
An interactive documentary that explores human evolution.
Grade Level: 9-12


Becoming Human is an interactive documentary that explores the story of human evolution. It includes interactive activities and lesson plans.
This site is beautifully designed and well-organized. The top navigation bar gives access to the main areas of the site. The documentary section has its own top and bottom menu for navigating that section and other pages have a submenu of options. To view the documentary, users will need Macromedia Flash Player, a high-speed connection, and at least 64 MB RAM.

Students, teachers, or anyone interested in evolution will find a wealth of information as well as interactive activities and lesson plans at this site. Users will want to begin by clicking on the interactive documentary that explores four million years of human evolution narrated by paleoanthropologist, Donald Johanson. The flash movie explores the evidence, anatomy, lineages, and culture. Each section of the documentary has an interactive menu at the bottom of the screen that leads to other related exhibits such as How Are We Like Other Primates? Genetics and Evolution, and the Human Family Tree. The Learning Center offers interactive activities that allow students to build and compare human and chimpanzee skeletons and compare the banding patterns of human chromosomes to those of apes. Detailed lesson plans are available to accompany each activity.


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