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October 2005

Changing the Face of Medicine
Celebrating America's Women Physicians.
Grade Level: Pre-K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

This online exhibit from the National Library of Medicine pays tribute to the lives and accomplishments of the women who have influenced and enhanced the practice of medicine. It includes lesson plans for grades K-12 on various topics concerning health.
The site is designed with a top navigation bar with links to the main areas. There is also an interactive picture line of the women who are discussed at the site. Users can mouse over the pictures to see the names and quickly jump to the person of choice. The physicians can also be searched by location, ethnicity, career options, and medical schools. Macromedia Flash Player and QuickTime are used on the site for the activities but there are also text only versions.

This award winning site explores the impact of some extraordinary women doctors in the United States. Students will learn what inspired them, who their mentors were, and why medicine is important to them as well as learn the steps they must take to join the medical profession. Interactive activities make it fun for students to explore how the human body works. Users can follow a red blood cell through the body; learn how cells reproduce and more. Teachers will find lesson plans for grades K-12 to aid in understanding the physiology of the body and the field of medicine. Lessons are written to explore four themes: Using Our Senses, Your Beating Heart, What’s Happening to Your Body and Choosing a Career in Health. They include learning outcomes, materials needed, procedures, standards, evaluation and extensions. Additionally, users are encouraged to share their own story about a memorable female doctor who treated you, who inspires you, who is in your family, or who made a difference in your community.


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