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Physics Education Technology
Very nice physics simulations are just a few electrons away!
Grade Level: 9-12

The Physics Education Technology (PhET) project offers free fun and interactive simulations of physical phenomena for teaching and learning physics.
The site is animated, interactive, and navigation is intuitive. The site is available in both English and Spanish and simulations can be used online or downloaded and installed on your own computer. Flash Player and Java are required and a support page is available for troubleshooting.

Give your students a leg up on understanding physics concepts with these fun interactive simulations. With many different simulations available, students can explore such topics as string tension, radio waves, static electricity, buoyancy, and much more in a game-like environment that emphasizes the scientific connections to real-life experience. The simulations are grouped into several categories for easier browsing. The educator resources include a database of classroom activities, created by classroom teachers, to use with the simulations. Additionally, there is information on how to access and run the simulations and suggestions for effectively incorporating the simulations into the curriculum.


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