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October 2005

Seeing Math
Some free secondary materials on a site that sells math curriculum software.
Grade Level: 9-12


This is a commercial site that offers math curriculum materials, professional development for teachers and software. Free online Secondary Math Interactives are available that “Illustrate and reinforce key mathematical ideas for teachers and students of algebra.”
This interactive site is easily navigated. The “interactives” are listed on the front page and open in a new window. The latest version of Java is required and a link to the free download is provided at the site.

Seeing Math gives students and teachers an interactive way to teach and learn key algebra concepts. Using the tools found at this site, students can see the connections between symbolic and graphic representations of various functions. There are eight interactives available including a qualitative grapher, piecewise linear grapher, linear transformer, quadratic transformer, function analyzer, system solver, plop it and proportioner. All of the tools include printable sample activities that can be used in the classroom and many of them have a warm up activity, user’s guide and a FAQ file.


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