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October 2005

High School Journalism
Hold page 1! – visit this site by the American Society of Newspaper Editors.
Grade Level: 9-12

The American Society of Newspaper Editors created this site as a resource for high school journalism students and their teachers. It provides more than 218 archived lesson plans, comments from the pros and other resources and information useful to students and teachers.
The content of this site is categorized into five major sections: teachers, students, guidance, editors and broadcast. The site is user friendly with links to the major sections in a left side menu. There is also a handy site map available and the site is fully searchable by keyword.

This site is a treasure trove of resources for journalism teachers and students. Teachers will find more than 218 archived lesson plans on such topics as advertising, bias, copy editing, editorial writing, the first amendment, interviewing, ethics, photography and much more. In addition to the lesson plans there are tips for improving your high school’s newspaper from the experts, links to other high school newspapers, scholarship information for your students and an article on how to start a high school newspaper. Students can check out the J-Jargon section to learn the definitions of some of the most common terms in newspapers, test their skills with the database of journalism-related questions, read what the pros have to say about their jobs and how they got started, and learn about careers in journalism in the guidance section. There is even a downloadable principal’s guide to scholastic journalism to help principals in developing and maintaining support for these programs in their schools. The broadcast section offers resources from the Radio and Television News Directors Foundation such as information on seed grants to start a broadcast journalism program in your school, a listserv to connect with other teachers, free teaching resources, an Internet journalism guide for download and an electronic journalism survey that provides the data to compare your program to others around the country.


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