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May 2005

Science Interactive Body
Highly interactive site on human anatomy.
Grade Level: 9-12

This interactive site, produced by the BBC, allows users to explore the human body through a series of interactive activities.
The site is highly interactive and easy to manipulate. There are four main sections listed as links at the bottom of the main page and the internal pages have a top navigation bar to move between the areas. Macromedia Flash Player is required.

This site offers a fun and interactive way for students to learn about the human body. The BBC produced these online learning resources as part of their online Science and Nature Site. Each of the four sections; Organs, Muscles, Skeleton and Nervous System offers an interactive activity for exploring the human body. Users begin by choosing the gender of the body to explore, then choosing the body part, learn about its various functions and then drag it to the correct location on the form of the human body. As the parts are placed on the forms, users can also get a hint if they are having trouble. A fact sheet for each organ, muscle, bone or part of the nervous system can be accessed by clicking on its name.


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