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Grand Canyon: The Hidden Secrets
You are there – a National Geographic tour of this great natural wonder.
Grade Level: Pre-K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

This site from National Geographic was developed to publicize the film that the organization plays at the visitor center. The site includes many interactive features for students, lesson plans, and a preview of the movie.
This well-designed site offers lots of interactivity. Links are accessible from the main page and the main areas of the site are represented in a top navigation bar. Real Player or Media Player and Flash Player are needed.

Many students who may never have the opportunity to travel to northern Arizona to see the Grand Canyon can now visit it virtually right from their classroom. Visitors will want to begin by clicking on the interactive map of the South Rim and explore scenic overlooks, historic places and people, animals such as the bald eagle, mountain lion, and ringtail, and indigenous plants such as the beavertail cactus and cottonwood trees. Each click on the map offers the full story and photo of the area. The “Links for Kids” section offers children's activities, Creature Features about the coyote and river otter, coloring pages to print, and lesson plans for grades K-12. Additionally, visitors to the site can download wallpaper and photos as well as travel guides for visiting the Grand Canyon.


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