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May 2005

Eyes on the Sky & Feet on the Ground
Practical astronomy explorations for elementary students.
Grade Level: Pre-K-2, 3-5, 6-8

Eyes on the Sky & Feet on the Ground is an electronic book that provides a wealth of hands-on astronomy explorations for grades 2-6 that help students understand the scientific process while exploring astronomy.
The site is simply designed and easy to navigate. The content is divided into two major sections: The Table of Contents and Everyday Classroom Tools. From the main page users can begin by clicking on the table of contents or any of the six chapters of the book.

This is a great resource for teachers to use as a supplement to the science curriculum. The electronic book is divided into six chapters organized into several topics. Topics include earth's rotation and orbit, earth's tilt, shadows, seasons, time zones, the moon, calendars, maps, the solar system, and tides. All of the activities include step by step instructions, an introduction and background material, discussions for before and after the explorations, cross references to related activities and many diagrams, table, drawings and photos to illustrate the ideas presented. The Everyday Classroom Tools section offers “An inquiry-based science curriculum
for kindergarten through sixth grade”. It provides an introduction to inquiry based learning for parents and teachers, instructions on how to use the threads of inquiry and a series of ten “hands-on, minds-on investigations that focus on the changing seasons and other aspects of our everyday experience.”


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