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Illinois Early Learning Project: Tip Sheets
Land of Lincoln Logs – Illinois project for early childhood, applicable everywhere.
Grade Level: Parents, Teachers

This Web site was developed by the state of Illinois as part of the Illinois Early Learning Project to provide a “a source of evidence-based, reliable information on early care and education for parents, caregivers, and teachers of young children.” Although written for residents of Illinois, the site is relevant to any parent or teacher of young children.
The Tip Sheets are grouped into several topical categories that are listed on the main page. Visitors can also view an alphabetical list of all sheets, and a search function is available. The sheets can be viewed in HTML or .pdf for printing and using. Most of the sheets are available in Spanish and Polish as well as English.

These tip sheets, which have been prepared in close collaboration with the Clearinghouse on Early Education and Parenting (CEEP) at the University of Illinois, are a great resource for parents and teachers. The sheets are grouped into several categories, including Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Physical Development and Health, Fine Arts, and Parenting and Family Life, among others. Topics within the broad categories include everything from sharing books with your baby, to the appropriateness of computers for young children, to playground physics, to what makes a good toy. Each of the tip sheets includes links to additional resources on the same topic.


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