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Kanji Alive
An interactive guide to kanji, Japanese character writing.
Grade Level: 6-8, 9-12


Kanji Alive, created at the University of Chicago, is an interactive tool for learning to read and write Kanji (a Japanese system of writing that utilizes characters borrowed or adapted from Chinese writing).
The site is well-designed and can be navigated by using the left side menu. QuickTime is required.

Beginning or intermediate Japanese language learners will find this to be a useful tool. The site uses two windows, one that allows users to search for and select kanji and another that contains information on the selected kanji. The display window allows the user to click on the play button and see the character created one stroke at a time, which would be very helpful in learning to write kanji. The site also includes a history of and basic rules for writing kanji and a .pdf reference file that contains the 214 traditional radicals with their Japanese names and English meanings. Additionally, there is a section for instructors of Japanese and a very helpful troubleshooting section.


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