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Women in World History
Deep site with lots of content and great links collection.
Grade Level: 6-8, 9-12

This site provides useful resources and information “about women’s history in a global, non- U.S., context” and Includes lessons, essays, biographies, curriculum materials, and more. The site also includes products for sale but there is plenty of free material.
The site has a simple design with the content divided into five main categories: Today’s Heroes, Biographies, Lessons, Essays and Reviews. The categories are linked in the text of the main page and in the right side navigation menu. Internal pages have a bottom text menu.

REVIEW: offers teachers, students, parents, history buffs, and the interested public information and resources for learning about the role of women in a global society. Teachers can supplement the history curriculum with the thirteen activities that cover such topics as Women's Lives in Mesopotamia, a comparison of women’s rights in ancient Egypt and the U.S., Women and Confucianism, The Plight of Women's Work, and women’s suffrage. Historical background essays cover a variety of topics including gender difference in history, women in the Crusades and peace as an early woman’s issue. Contemporary women whose accomplishments echo important themes in women’s history are featured as well as biographies of influential women in history. Included is a question and answer section and reviews of curriculum, books and historical mysteries.


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