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February 2005

Children's Theater/Creative Drama
Teacher-created site for incorporating drama into the classroom.
Grade Level: Pre-K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

This site, created by playwright/composer and teacher Matt Buchanan, offers educators lesson plans and other resources for incorporating creative art and theatre into the classroom.
The site is designed in frames with the navigation menu in the left frame and the content displayed in the main frame. The front page of the site also has links to the main sections in the main frame.

Drama teachers will find lots of resources and materials at this site. There is a complete Pre-k through grade 12 curriculum that meets the requirements of the Goals 2000 National Standards for Arts Education. Teachers will find useful the large collection of creative drama lessons that are sorted by age level, lesson type, and cross-curricular content as well as an Approach to the
Objective Grading of Creative Work. Lesson types include Narrative Pantomime Stories, Physical and Pantomime Activities, Improvisation, Role Drama Activities, and Writing Activities. Included are monologues, photos of past productions, classroom rules for drama class, booklists, a detailed description of a fourth grade playwriting project, essays, definitions of important terms and links to related sites.


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