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February 2005

Lee's Summit, MO R-7 School District:Technology Integration
Amazing collection of links for tech integration.
Grade Level: Professional

This site, developed by a school IT team in Missouri, provides a comprehensive directory of annotated links to any information and help you may need to integrate technology into your classroom.
The directory is well organized with links grouped into more than twenty-five categories from keyboarding to using the digital camera. A top menu lists the categories on the main page of the site and subsequent pages have a left side menu available with the categories.

Teachers will find this site to be a valuable resource for effectively integrating technology into the curriculum. Whether you are just beginning to explore using the Web in the classroom or an old pro at technology integration, this site has a wealth of information and resources to save you time and make your lesson planning easier. Categories include everything from using one computer effectively in the classroom to establishing and using a wireless lab. Teachers will find links to lesson and game templates, graphics, sounds, tips and resources for using PowerPoint, Windows and interactive whiteboards, scoring guides, Web Quests, virtual activities and much more. This is one you will want to bookmark and visit frequently.


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