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Shakespeare for Kids
Highly interactive site on the Bard.
Grade Level: 6-8, 9-12

Shakespeare for Kids offers lessons and activities for kids and families to test their knowledge of Shakespeare's plays and learn about his life and time.
The site from the Folger Shakespeare Library is well-organized. The site includes a left side navigation menu and links (both graphic and text) on the main page. Adobe Acrobat Reader and Flash Player are needed.

Children of all ages will enjoy the activities at Shakespeare for Kids. Ranging from word jumbles to weird words to trading Shakespearean insults and quotations to acting out the scenes from scripts written for kids, this site's activities are enjoyable and educational at the same time. Read the fun facts about Shakespeare’s life and times, test your knowledge of the characters in Shakespeare’s plays, and browse through famous Shakespeare quotes. Images from the 17th century books in the Folger collection are available for downloading and coloring or creating jigsaw puzzles. Children are invited to send in their own poems and drawings for publication in “Puck’s Place”. Also worth a click is the "Queen Elizabeth" link, to learn all about one of England's most illustrious monarchs.


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