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Bing and Bong's Tiny Planet
Site of an educational TV series from the UK.
Grade Level: K-2, 3-5

Tiny Planets is the companion site to the educational television series in the U.K. The site’s hosts, Bing and Bong, offer games related to technology, nature, light and color, as well as downloads, streaming video, and e-books.
The site is designed to capture the interest of youngsters and that it does. Users can navigate through the site via the links on the top navigation bar.

Youngsters of all ages will enjoy the fun and educational activities at the Tiny Planets. Let Bing and Bong take you on a tour of their universe and learn about self, nature, light and color, and technology in a fun, safe environment. The interactive games teach children about such topics as healthy eating and cooperation, shadows, sound, fractions, patterns, tangrams, the water cycle, and much more. Visitors to the site can view the archived episodes of the Tiny Planet on the streaming video page and download comics, posters, and other materials. Included on the site is also an interactive storybook that children won't want to miss.


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