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Pyramid History
Browse like an Egyptian! A BBC Web site.
Grade Level: 3-5, 6-8, 9-12


Pyramid History, presented by the BBC, offers a great collection of in-depth articles, interactive activities, multimedia galleries, timelines and more about the Egyptian Pyramids.
Links to the various areas of the site are listed on the main page with thumbnail graphics and a short introduction. Internal pages have a right side menu of related links. Flash Player is needed.

The Pyramids hold a certain fascination for many people and this site offers anyone the opportunity to explore the subject fully. This site has it all, from articles about how the Great Pyramid was built to an interactive game where the user chooses the site, negotiates the Nile, and motivates a workforce to build the ultimate tomb. Visitors can listen to a letter from a king, a princess's prayer, and the dream of a temple dancer; learn about the lives of the ordinary people who built the Pyramids and the methods used in the construction; or find out how the hieroglyphic code was cracked. The multimedia galleries include: the God’s Gallery, which features the important deities that were worshipped by the Egyptians; Khufu's Pyramid Complex Gallery, which explores the Great Pyramid; and the Sacred Animals of Ancient Egypt Gallery, which shows the animals that were important to the Egyptians. Included is a timeline that traces the main events of ancient Egyptian history and a section on pharaohs and dynasties.


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