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Nobel e-Museum: Conflict Map
Extraordinary interactive world map of 20th century wars.
Grade Level: 9-12

The Nobel e-Museum: Conflict Map explores more than two hundred wars from 1899-2001. The map shows where the conflicts were fought and gives a brief summary. Also included are statistics about the Peace Prize nominees and Laureates since 1901.
This high-tech site is easily navigated by simply rolling the mouse over the icons to have the information displayed. Beneath the map is a sliding timeline where users can choose the years to view. Macromedia Shockwave is required.

This interesting site from covers various wars across the world over the course of the 20th Century. Visitors will want to begin by clicking on the introduction link ("Wars in the 20th Century and Nobel Peace Prize Statistics"). The map displays wars that had at least 1,000 casualties and answers such questions as: Where did these wars take place? Have some regions experienced more wars than others? Who were the main protagonists in these conflicts? These conflicts are organized into three categories: interstate wars, colonial wars, and civil wars, which are all represented on the map with small flames. A different icon represents the world wars. When a user rolls the mouse over the icon on the map it displays a brief explanation about each conflict. In addition to conflicts, the map also provides statistical information on the geographical distribution of Peace Prize laureates and nominees.


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