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October 2004

Schoolcandy Online Education
Create and score tests online -- for free -- more functions for a small fee.
Grade Level: Professional

This site allows teachers and students to create and score online tests, post assignments and participate in discussions all for free. A membership option with more features is available for a small fee.
The site is easy enough to navigate and use with help available for each step. Each of the three main sections of the site is listed on the main page and requires a separate login for each. Returning to the homepage to perhaps move to another section of the site proves to be a challenge, the browser's back button does not necessarily take you there.

School Candy offers free access to test making and assignment exercise tools that can be used by teachers of all grade levels and subject areas. Teachers need to create their own instructor account, then they can create test masters to go along with the content they are teaching. After creating an instructor account a student account for each student in your class should be created. Tests are in multiple-choice format and can include uploaded images. Online Assignments permits using multiple choice, essay, numeric, short answer, and other options in a very simple, easy to use manner. Teachers can choose whether to make the test or assignment active online or to print it. Each test is assigned a number for students to use when they logon. Online test can be scored with one click of the mouse. Included is a nifty crossword puzzle generator. This is a great tool for the busy, tech savvy teacher who wants to save time.


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