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October 2004

Harmony -- John James Audubon
Gorgeous slide shows (in French) of Audubon's nature paintings.
Grade Level: 3-12

This online exhibit from the Musee de la civilization affords online visitors access to the four hundred thirty five plates of John James Audubon's well-known work, Birds of America.
This beautiful site can be navigated in a number of ways. All 435 plates can be browsed by Latin Title, French Title, and English Title or by page number. Micromedia Flash is required.

Bird lovers everywhere won't want to miss this site! John James Audubon spent eleven years of his life documenting the birds of the Americas by painting life size portraits of the wildlife that he had observed during his travels. His name has become synonymous with the protection of birds and their habitats. This online catalog offers visitors access to all 435 beautiful plates. Each of the plates contains a brief description of the bird in addition to the painting. The main page of the site offers slide shows of the birds set to music by clicking on the birds in the painting. Additionally there is a brief sketch of Audubon's work and a list of related links that are categorized as biographical, ornithology or poetry.


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