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National Center for ESL Literacy Education
Rich resource on adult ESL literacy.
Grade Level: Professional

National Center for ESL Literacy Education (NCLE) is an information center that focuses on "the language and literacy education of adults and out-of-school youth learning English." It contains a wealth of resources and information for anyone working in the field.
NCLE has a simple design with links in the left sidebar as well as links embedded in the text of the main page. The site covers a lot of material and does it very well.

NCLE provides information on adult ESL literacy education to teachers and tutors, program directors, researchers, and policymakers interested in the education of any adult who is learning English as a second language. The NCLE digests include more than seventy-five overviews of such topics as improving language skills, assessment and evaluation, language and culture, staff development, and program design. The Resources section contains resource related to specific topics in adult ESL including resource collections, bibliographies, annotated bibliographies, and other lists of materials. FAQs offer quick answers to common questions and a discussion list is available for sharing ideas with other practitioners.


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