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Bishop Museum Ethnology Database
Cultural artifacts from the Pacific Rim.
Grade Level: 6-8, 9-12

This site offers an online exhibit of more than four hundred cultural objects from the ethnology collection of the Bishop Museum in Hawaii.
The objects are grouped into sixteen categories that are available as graphic links on the main page. Clicking on the picture of the object brings up a page dedicated to that type of object. Additionally, the entire database can be searched by object type, material, region of origin, island of origin, and collection.

The Ethnology collection of the Bishop Museum in Hawaii houses over 70,000 objects. This database has been made available online and can be searched in a variety of ways. Over 400 objects are featured in this online exhibit and are categorized into sixteen groups, including surfboards, pounders, and quilts. Each category page provides a brief summary and photographs of specific objects within that category. Click on a specific object to view a detailed description as well as additional photos. This is a great site for those interested in studying the culture of the peoples of the Pacific region.


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