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August 2004

Teach Pottery.net
Friendly, impressive teacher-created site on ceramics and pottery.
Grade Level: 9-12, Advanced


As the name implies, this site offers resources and materials for art teachers who are involved with teaching the many facets of pottery making. It was developed by a high school art teacher, Kerry Marquis, and contains galleries of student work as well as lesson plans and other instructional materials.
The homepage has a sidebar with links to the main sections of the site. There are also links to each unit in the main part of the front page. An audio clip automatically plays when the site is accessed with no way to turn it off. PowerPoint Player is needed to view or use the PowerPoint presentations.

This high school art teacher has created the site to complement his own classroom instruction in Introduction to Ceramics and Pottery and includes a syllabus, lesson plans, handouts, activities, and quizzes. Teachers will be especially interested in the PowerPoint presentations that this teacher has put online for use in the classroom. They are complete with the notes and cover the topics of Ancient History of Pottery and Pinch Pots. There is also a page that offers a complete list of assignments and brief descriptions for each unit. Activities for students include multiple choice quizzes, scavenger hunts, vocabulary activities, and interactive crossword puzzles. Included is a resource section of related links.


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