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Children's Literature
Great site for finding appropriate literature for young people.
Grade Level: Pre-K-2, 3-5, 6-8

This site provides a Children's Literature Comprehensive Database that is subscription-based, but there are enough free resources here to warrant a visit. Free resources include themed book reviews, teacher guides, and information on authors and illustrators.
This site is mostly text, but easy-to-read and user-friendly. Resources are organized into categories that are accessible from the top navigation bar. The top navigation bar also has drop-down menus to display the subsections of each category. A link back to the homepage is provided under the "About Us" drop-down menu.

Teachers, librarians, and parents will find a wealth of information at the Children's Literature site. Teachers can easily compile a booklist to accompany a unit of study using the extensive archive of reviews. The archive is categorized by more than sixty themes, ranging from baseball to dinosaurs to Ellis Island to space exploration. Each month new reviews as well as interviews with authors and illustrators are featured. The themes usually begin with a short introduction and each book review includes a short summary, age recommendations, awards won, and purchasing information. Teaching materials for many of the books are available with links to more teaching resources. Additionally, the site provides thousands of links to author/illustrator sites, publisher sites, children's resources, parent and teacher resources, other children's literature collections, and information on upcoming events related to children's literature.


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