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The Great American Landmark Adventure
Tour national historic landmarks online.
Grade Level: 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

The Great American Landmarks Adventure gives students the opportunity to learn more about forty-three national historic landmarks through the drawings of Roxie Munro.
The site can easily be navigated by clicking the "Time Machine" button at the bottom of the page and traveling through the drawings in order or by using the Adventure site map to select the landmark of interest. All pages have a link back to the homepage.

Step into the "Time Machine" and take a 3000-year journey through our country's past through the drawings of Roxie Munro. The trip begins with a view of a 1500 year old pictograph and goes through the 1969 moon landing. Visited landmarks include many houses of the past, the U.S. Capitol, the Boston Gardens, the Brooklyn Bridge, Lowell Observatory, the Highland Park Ford Plant, the Rose Bowl, the Empire State Building, the Gateway Arch, and many more. Brief descriptions are included with each drawing. The drawings are black and white line drawings that can be downloaded and printed as coloring sheets. By scrolling to the bottom of the site map, teachers will find a host of useful activities for classroom and home use that are grouped into seven themes including art and communication, architecture and engineering, social and political action, and science and technology. The suggested activities are primarily for grades 4-8, but could be adapted for other grade levels. Included are a link for learning more about historic landmarks in general, a booklist for students, and more resources for educators.


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