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May 2004

FBI Youth
Kids Wanted - to visit this youth-oriented site by the FBI.
Grade Level: 6-8, 9-12


The FBI Youth site was developed specifically for grades 6-12. It helps young adults to learn about the FBI and the work it does.
This very well designed site uses dark backgrounds and text that work well together.
The content is organized around eight themes. The main page features a list of the topics that give a preview of what the section is about when the mouse is rolled over the title. A navigation menu is included at the bottom of each page.

This informative site gives young people the opportunity to learn about the FBI and the work that it does. Students can begin their exploration by reading stories of the investigations from different places in the United States and around the world. Then students are invited to take the "special agent challenge," where they take on the role of a new agent in training and search the site to increase their knowledge of the FBI. Their success as a special agent depends on the answers they give. Visitors to the site can also spend a day in the life of an FBI employee, follow a case through the FBI lab, or learn about specially trained dogs that locate bombs, drugs, money, and people. Additionally, there is a history of the FBI, safety links for keeping safe on the Internet, and entertaining puzzles and games.


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