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April 2004
Updated July 2009

Katerpillars (& Mystery Bugs)
University of Kentucky kid-friendly site about bugs.
Grade Level: Pre-K-2, 3-5

This kid-friendly site from the University of Kentucky Entomology Department provides basic information, resources, and activities for teachers and students who are interested in entomology.
The site uses a simple table layout with cute, colorful, and child-friendly graphics.
The site is divided into six areas that are available from the main page. Most internal pages have a left side navigation menu for moving between the sections.

Katerpillars (& Mystery Bugs) offers a great collection of resources on the study of insects. Some of the sections include Bugfood, Mystery Bug, Insects All Year, and Bug Fun. Teaching units in the Bugfood section include info on insects as food, info on how people in other countries incorporate insects into their diets, and recipes for insect-themed foods. Two categories of Mystery Bug are offered: novice and expert. Visitors read the text hint and guess what kind of insect is pictured, then send in the answer to the site. Past Mysteries are archived. Buggy facts and activities are provided for each month of the year in the Insects All Year section. Students will enjoy the games and jokes, crafts and projects, and insect stories. A special section for parents and teachers offers lesson plans, units for 4-H group leaders, Critter Case files, and other guides for teaching about insects in the classroom. An archive of the Wee Beasties Entomology Newsletter for Teachers is available. These back issues are a good source of suggestions for use in the classroom.


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