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Plants In Motion
Time-lapse photography shows science of plants.
Grade Level: K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12, Advanced, Professional


Plants In Motion uses time-lapse photography to show how plants grow and change over time. The site was created for educational use by Roger P. Hangarter of Indiana University's Department of Biology.
The site is aesthetically simple, and all of the movie category pages share the same design. The movies are all in QuickTime format. A link to the free download is provided on the site.
Movies are organized into broad categories, and each category has a submenu. The frame layout provides the table of contents in the left window and displays the movies and information in the main window.

Plants In Motion is sure to appeal to the budding (pun intended!) plant biologists in your classroom. With time-lapse photography, visitors can view the growth and changes of plants and see that they are capable of extraordinary things. Movie categories include Germination, Photomorphogenesis, Tropisms, Circadian Responses, General Growth, Flowers, and more. Each category has a brief introduction, and each movie has accompanying information. Included is information on how to do time-lapse movies, from choosing the right camera to making the movies. Students, teachers, and parents will appreciate the projects section that offers a handful of projects "to explore some fundamental aspects of plant growth with an emphasis on how plants respond to environmental stimuli". Topics include Flipbook Animation, Light-Induced Chloroplast Movements in Leaves, and A Darwin Experiment.


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