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April 2004

American Dreams
Companion site to the NBC TV show set in the Vietnam War era.
Grade Level: 6-8, 9-12


Bay Breeze Educational Resources created this site as a classroom companion to the hit NBC television show American Dreams. It provides lessons and activities for middle and high school classes that are based on such topics as family relationships, friendship, sibling conflicts and much more.
The site has a professional layout with great graphics to enhance it. Some of the text is a little difficult to read against the background.
A left side menu on the front page and all subsequent pages makes the main areas of the site easy to navigate.

Middle school and high school students can certainly identify with the content of the popular television show American Dreams. This site offers teachers lesson plans and activities based on the program's themes to explore such topics as family relationships, friendship, love, war and peace, sibling conflicts, school, courage, diversity, grades, and heroes in the classroom. The interdisciplinary materials are aligned with national standards and focus on the content areas of language arts, social studies, and the arts. The materials could be used to supplement a unit on Vietnam, a unit on peace and conflict resolution or to promote connections between music, history, and culture.


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