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April 2004
Updated July 2009

Planetary Tourism
Teacher-created site for solar system study.
Grade Level: 3-5, 6-8


This WebQuest was developed by teacher Brenda Cain, Agassiz Middle School in Fargo, North Dakota, for her sixth graders. It encourages students to investigate the planets in a fun way by creating a planetary adventure.
The site uses a very simple, easy-to-read page layout with text, graphics, and color to keep it interesting.
The site is organized by a navigation menu on the left side.

Have your students plan a "sensational planetary adventure, complete with recreational activities suitable for the planet" of their choice. In this WebQuest, designed for sixth graders, students use online resources to explore at least four planets and choose the one they feel would be the best vacation destination. Students take on the jobs of: Location Scout to find information on the special features of the planet; Rocket Specialist to determine the distance to the planet, the best method of travel, and any problems that might be encountered; Fashion Designer to find information on what type of protective clothing will be needed to survive the trip; and Events Planner to figure out how to use the features of the planet for the best entertainment value. Students' work is finalized with a multimedia presentation. Everything needed to use this activity in your classroom is available at the site including brief daily lesson plans for teachers.


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