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April 2004

Creative Chemistry
Delightful, bright site that makes chemistry fun.
Grade Level: Pre-K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12, Advanced, Professional


This site was created by Nigel Saunders at Harrogate Granby High School in North Yorkshire, England, to provide fun, educational activities for high school chemistry students and teachers.
Creative Chemistry uses color and original graphics to add interest. Adobe Acrobat Reader, Microsoft PowerPoint, and a Java enabled browser are needed.
A top navigation bar provides drop down menus of each section for quick access to the content. Useful links to other areas of the site are displayed in the left sidebar. Visitors can also browse the list of links on the main page or use the handy search feature in the upper left corner.

Creative Chemistry delivers just what the name implies; creative ways to investigate chemistry such as making alien masks, blueprinting and fingerprinting. Whether you are a teacher or student there is something here for you. Teachers will find PowerPoint presentations that deal with such topics as energy conversions in reactions, thermometric titration and ionic and covalent bonding in addition to worksheets, quizzes, teaching guides and molecular models that can be used in the classroom. There is a wealth of word searches, jigsaw and crossword puzzles and games that will keep students coming back for more. The Molecule Warehouse provides animated molecular models that students can rotate, resize and change to wire-frame models in order to gain a better understanding of organic chemistry. These models include alkanes, iodine and sodium chloride, trigonal bipyramidal molecules, and more.


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