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March 2004

The British Museum: Ancient India
Great site on ancient India from a great world museum.
Grade Level: 6-8

The Ancient India Web site from the British Museum is aimed at middle school students and provides information and activities related to themes relevant to ancient India.
The dark backgrounds provide contrast to the great graphics. Macromedia Shockwave Player is required for the activities.
The six topics or themes are listed on the main page. Each theme area has a left side menu for moving within the area and a link back to the homepage.

Anyone with an interest in this part of the world will enjoy exploring this site although it was specifically designed for teachers and students. The six themes or chapters: The Buddha, Geography, Early Hinduism, Indus Valley, Time, and Writing; are each divided into three sections; Story, Explore and Challenge. The "story" presents information about each topic in a narrative form, the "explore" uses graphics, illustrations, maps and diagrams to present information and the challenge is an activity, such as making a pilgrimage across the landscape of ancient India, that allows students to practice skills within the context of a theme relevant to ancient India. Additionally, students can explore interactive timelines of ancient India and investigate one of the undeciphered Indus scripts. The Staff Room for each section offers teachers background information, lesson plans, and follow up activities. Resources can be searched from the Staff Room homepage by chapter, topic, or historical skills.


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