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March 2004
Updated July 2009

Revise Wise
Designed to prep for the English national exams, but useful for all.
Grade Level: 3-5, 6-8


Revise Wise was developed by the BBC an aims to support 10-11 year olds as they prepare for the National Curriculum Tests in English, math, and science. But the content here is useful for upper elementary and middle school teachers and students anywhere.
This site is vibrant, colorful, and engaging. It features different color backgrounds for each section. Flash Player is required for the more interactive site but a text version is also available.
The site is easily navigated. The three main sections of the site -- English, Maths, and Science -- can be accessed via the left side menu or through the graphic links on the main page. Each section is color-coded to the menu button. There is also a link for teachers on the left side menu.

Although this site was developed to support students in the U. K. as they prepare for the National Tests, it provides lots of useful material for students and teachers everywhere. This is a great site for students to review skills that have been taught in the classroom and have fun at the same time. There are three main divisions of the site: English, Maths, and Science. Each section provides a variety of animations, fact sheets, worksheets, and quizzes, all designed to reinforce key skills and concepts. The challenge quizzes give students the opportunity to pretest their skills. Teachers will find lesson plans, worksheets, and online activities for all three subjects.


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