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March 2004
Updated July 2009

UCLA Language Materials Project
Reference materials for lots of foreign languages.
Grade Level: Professional

The US Department of Education International Education and Graduate Program Service provides funding for The UCLA Language Materials Project (LMP). This project offers an online bibliographic database of teaching resources for less commonly taught languages.
The consistent layout and color scheme of all the pages make the site user-friendly and attractive.
This is an easy site to navigate with a left side menu of the various sections and drop-down menu buttons for searching. Users simply choose the language, material type, level, and audience type from the drop-down menus.

Finding teaching and learning materials for less commonly taught languages that may be part of the curriculum can be a difficult task. LMP provides a bibliographical database of materials for more than one hundred less commonly taught languages. Bibliographic information for each item includes descriptions of the content and other features of the material to make locating what you need easier. Ordering information is provided for a number of materials. A profile for each language is available that includes a map, a description of key dialects, grammatical features, and a brief linguistic history.


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