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February 2004

Count Us In
Basic number concepts made I-catching!
Grade Level: Pre-K-2


This interactive site for primary children includes math games and activities designed to help children understand basic number concepts.
The site is cute and colorful with child friendly graphics. Flash player is required.
Even young children will have no trouble navigating this site with the graphic links on the main page. Parents or teachers will want to use the left side menu that offers text links to the games as well as useful information about the games and activities.

Count Us In offers online and offline games and activities to help young children master basic number concepts. Fifteen online interactive games are offered for young children to practice their skill at counting, patterns, sorting and grouping, length, and volume and much more. From the left side menu parents or teachers can access the game information to find the objective and a brief description of each game. The activities section offers teachers ideas and resources to use with their students offline. Included is a download area where adults can download the fifteen games to be used on a personal computer. The games are available in both Max and PC versions and best of all they are free!


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