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February 2004
Updated July 2009

Center for Safe and Responsible Internet Use
Internet safety on, that's right, the Internet.
Grade Level: Professional

The goal of this site is "to provide guidance to parents, educators, librarians, policy-makers, and others regarding effective, empowerment strategies to assist young people in gaining the knowledge, skills, motivation, and self-control to use the Internet and other information technologies in a safe and responsible manner."
The site has a simple design with a minimum use of graphics. Many of the articles are posted as Microsoft Word documents and .pdf files and therefore require the appropriate software for viewing.
Top and bottom navigation bars give access to the main areas of the site. The materials most useful to parents and educators can be found in the Documents section. These are grouped into categories and listed as an index.

The Center for Safe and Responsible Internet Use provides useful and timely information on such issues of safe and responsible Internet usage as filtering software, technology planning, commercialism, and privacy. Author of the articles, Nancy Willard, is executive director of the Center and a recognized authority on issues related to the safe and responsible use of the Internet. Educators will find a comprehensive set of materials on the site, particularly within the Cyberbullying Guide. This guide provides a comprehensive approach to Internet use in the school, as well as information on Internet use policies and legal issues related to student and teacher use of the Internet. It also provides planning and implementation tools and templates for developing a safe and responsible Internet use plan for your school.


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