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January 2004
Updated July 2009

The hottest education site-builder around.
Grade Level: 3-5, 6-8, 9-12


The word here is not content, but rather CONCEPT! This is the ultimate education site promotion tool. This semi-annual competition is open to students and their teacher-coaches from anywhere in the world.
This well-designed site is colorful and user-friendly. It uses simple graphics with few frills, but lots of great images of participants sprinkled around.
This site is easily navigated. The main page offers a top navigation bar to the information for the competition as well as embedded text links and an opportunity to enroll your team. There is also a link to the Library of sites. This is a big section of the site and the collection is categorized by topic and by date of competition.

This is the hottest education site-builder around! ThinkQuest is a semi-annual contest that allows students to design educational Web sites that focus on one of six topic categories. Students between the ages of 9 and 19 compete for prizes in one of three levels: students 12 years and under, students 15 years and under, and students19 years and under. "Multi-country teams and multi-language web sites are encouraged and supported." The site offers extensive support for the teacher-coaches and their teams of students who are interested in participating in the competition. The Library houses more than 5,000 entries dating back to 1996, the beginning of the competition. This excellent list of student-generated educational Web sites is available for use by other students and teachers in the classroom. There are many topics, from arts and entertainment to health and safety to technology, represented. The sites are categorized by topic and subtopic and can be searched by keyword. Whether you're interested in joining the competition or finding a website that will complement your curriculum, this is a site you will want to explore.


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