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June 2003

Land and Freedom
Social studies site for high school on the theme of "the land."
Grade Level: 9-12, Professional

This collection of over forty high school economics and history lessons are offered by The Henry George School of Social Science.
The main page of the site has a nice look with background and text that work well together. Most of the site is primarily text.
The content is organized into two major categories: U.S. History and Economics. Each of the categories has a table of contents that make navigation simple.

These free lessons for high school teachers develop the theme of how the land plays a role in the study of history, economics, politics, and ecology. There are over forty lessons currently available in U.S. History and Economics. Two other sections of the site are under construction. Each lesson includes background material and questions for discussion, teacher notes, performance objectives, activities and sources for further investigation. They would be an excellent supplement to the curriculum used in the classroom. History lessons include such topics as Indian Land Ownership, Jefferson and Liberty, The Panic of 1837, Irish Immigration, and much more. The economics lessons include topics like Factors of Production, The Labor Market, Economic Growth, and International Trade.


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