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June 2003

Lewis Carroll Homepage
Alice through the Internet.
Grade Level: 6-8, 9-12

This site provides links and information about the life and works of Lewis Carroll as well as teaching materials.
This is simple and easily read site with large fonts and few graphics.
Navigation is not a problem, as the navigation menu is displayed in the left frame and the page contents in the main frame. Each section of the site has a table of contents for easily finding what you need.

The Lewis Carroll Homepage provides "useful information for the Carroll enthusiast as well as the novice and all those in between." Students doing research on the author will find links to online and print resources such as biographical sketches, annotated bibliographies, and critical analyses of his various works. Included is a comprehensive listing of Carroll's online texts in English as well as several other languages. An interesting part of the site is dedicated to the use of math and logic games and puzzles and another section that features photographs of and by Carroll. Teachers will appreciate the collection of materials and resources to be used in conjunction with his writings.


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