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Classroom Energy
Site from the American Petroleum Industry regarding the science of energy.
Grade Level: 6-8

The American Petroleum Institute created this site to provide "useful and fun real-world information on a key component of our everyday lives: energy."
The site is well-designed and user-friendly, with graphics, animations, and videos that foster further understanding of the content. Flash Player is required.
The site offers a left side menu as well as a top navigation bar. A site map is also available.

This interactive and educational site provides engaging activities and resources for learning about energy. It should be noted, however, that the content of the site is slanted toward a pro-industry point of view. One explanation of a quiz answer, for example, states that "tankers are an environmentally friendly option for the movement of oil." No question that this is a well-designed and informative resource, but teachers may want to point out the bias to students and balance the bias with alternative resources. Resources for students include games and presentations to help them learn more about energy. Teachers will find lesson plans, classroom posters, an activity guide, and more.


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