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The World of Beverly Cleary
The site with the most-est on this beloved author.
Grade Level: 3-5, 6-8

Beverly Cleary is the author of award-winning books for elementary students. This site offers information about her, excerpts from her books, profiles of her many intriguing characters, and fun activities for kids.
This site has attractive graphics, many of which include characters and illustrations from the author's books. Text is large and easy to read.
This site is well-organized. There is a navigation bar that remains consistent throughout the internal pages.
This site will be enjoyable for any fan of Beverly Cleary's books and characters. There is a neighborhood map with links to the characters' homes, schools, and other settings. Clicking on these links will lead visitors to an excerpt from a related story. The character section gives readers the opportunity to explore all the books in which the character appears, read a Fact File about the character, and take a trivia quiz. There is also a section -- available in pdf format -- with resources for teachers. In addition, students or teachers can plan a Ramona party using resources from this site. Downloadable signs, name tags, and other supplies are accompanied by games and activity ideas.

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