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Kids Next Door
Community 101 from Housing and Urban Development.
Grade Level: Pre-K-2, 3-5

Kids Next Door is HUD's site for children -- a place "where kids can learn more about being good citizens." The site provides information and activities geared toward teaching kids about communities and how they work.
This site uses large, kid-friendly graphics and text. It is designed to appeal to kids.
The main page of this site offers links to the main areas. Each page offers links back to the home page and to the other sections.
The Kids Next Door site offers some interesting activities for students. It focuses on "Cool People," "Awesome Places," and "Neat Things." The section about people explores volunteerism, homelessness, and community workers and the jobs they do. Kids are encouraged to visit sites for organizations like KidsCare and 4-H to discover ways they can help in their communities. A simple and straightforward section about the homeless offers ideas for kids wanting to help. The section about places offers online field trips to parks (city, historic, or wildlife), a library, and city hall. The trip to city hall allows students to learn about the mayor, city council, and other important aspects of city government. These experiences are available as either picture tours or animated tours. Finally, the "Neat Things" section offers ideas for a hometown scavenger hunt and a few interactive activities.

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