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S I T E     R E V I E W

High-tech site from Nickelodeon for primary-grade kids.
Grade Level: Pre-K-2

CONTENT: is the companion site to Noggin TV, which is Nickelodeon's "commercial-free TV for pre-schoolers" channel. Activities and games are targeted at this preschool audience and have been developed with specific learning goals in mind.
Noggin is colorful and child-friendly and incorporates many graphics. Children can move from area to area without reading, using the pictures to navigate.
The main Noggin page shows pictures of all the characters available on the site. The homepage also offers a top navigation bar, a bottom navigation bar, and a search tool.
REVIEW: has a wide variety of activities for young children and features familiar characters from Nickelodeon and Sesame Workshop. Created to complement the Noggin TV channel, the website offers activities designed to build developmental skills in preschool children. The site is loaded with graphics, which makes it both appealing and easy to navigate for children. The site offers online games and printables, including coloring, sequencing, and thinking activities. The character sections of the site use familiar characters and storylines to capture children's attention and practice skills such as counting and sorting. Parents can register their child at the site. The registration and login features allow children to create and save work at this site. This site is a valuable resource for anyone who works with preschoolers -- parents or teachers.

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