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National Visionary Leadership Project (NVLP)
Storehouse of video interviews with contemporary African-American visionaries.
Grade Level: 9-12, Advanced

This interactive Web site from the National Visionary Leadership Project makes available to the general public a collection of videotaped interviews with many contemporary African-American leaders.
Appropriate colors and photos of the visionaries make this site visually appealing.
The top navigation bar provides access to the various areas of the site. The main page also offers links to featured stories and a search tool.
The National Visionary Leadership Project offers excerpts from videotaped biographical interviews with many legendary African-Americans. These interviews document the lives and celebrate the accomplishments of such visionaries as Dr. John Hope Franklin, Dr. Dorothy Height, Gordon Parks, Senator Edward Brooke, Ruby Dee, and Ossie Davis. Also available on the site are educational resources (including lesson plans), as well as an application for nominating a visionary.

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