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National Geographic Online: The Underground Railroad
Travel the road from slavery to freedom -- virtually.
Grade Level: K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

This site from National Geographic Online offers a wide variety of materials that tell the story of the Underground Railroad.
This well-designed site uses multimedia and interactivity to hold the user's interest. The background color and text work very well together.
After clicking the "enter" button on the main page, visitors can utilize the drop-down menu to navigate to the various areas of the site.
This is a rich resource for teachers and students studying the Underground Railroad or slavery in general. Perhaps the highlight of the site is "The Journey," which offers students the opportunity to virtually take the journey to freedom. Through historical photos and sound clips, students are transported in time to a journey in which they make decisions in hopes of keeping themselves safe and reaching the ultimate goal of freedom. Included is a map of routes used by Harriet Tubman and a timeline that chronicles the history of slavery. There is also a section, specifically meant for younger children, that puts the information into a more simple format. Another section offers brief biographical sketches of those who played a major role in the journey to freedom. The site also offers a resource section to help teachers incorporate the materials into the classroom curriculum.

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