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March 2003

Knowing Poe: The Literature and Life of Edgar Allan Poe
Dramatic, highly interactive site about an American master.
Grade Level: 6-8, 9-12

This interactive site, from Maryland Public Television, about the literature, life, and times of Edgar Allen Poe, offers resources for teachers to use in the classroom and extremely engaging activities for students.
Knowing Poe is a well-designed site that is visually pleasing and user friendly. Macromedia's Flash Player and Real Player are necessary for viewing, and links to downloads of those programs are handy at the site.
The content is organized into four main sections that are listed in the left side menu. By rolling the mouse over the section name, a sub-menu is displayed. There is also a site map and an on-site search tool available.
This is a great resource for language arts teachers who are looking for engaging lessons on poetic devices, the narrative in short story, and intersections between literature and history. The high degree of interactivity gives visitors the opportunity to learn about Poe the person and author and to experience nineteenth century Baltimore, where Poe lived and worked. The site is filled with fun features, visuals, sounds, video, music, mysteries, and learning exercises. Students will enjoy such activities as virtual fieldtrips to real places, creating their own version of The Bells, complete with sound effects, investigating the mystery of Poe's death, learning about the writing tools a poet can use, looking at how the point of view in a story can change a reader's impression of the story, and much more. Many of the sections include video narration by actor John Astin. The Classroom Connections, found in the bottom navigation bar, will help teachers make the best use of the materials and primary resources gathered from the Maryland Historical Society and the Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore. Additionally, there is a section for families that offers tips for using the site with younger children. A real winner!

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