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This Nation
Bold site, created by a university professor, that offers tons of info about America.
Grade Level: 6-8, 9-12

This site offers a wealth of information about American government and politics to teachers, students, and the average citizen.
Small graphics, patriotic colors, and a neat, clean layout make this a very attractive site.
The site is well-organized and easily navigated. A left side menu provides access to the main areas of the site and each of the areas has its own table of contents.
ThisNation was created by political science professor Jonathan Mott, Ph.D. as a companion site to his online textbook. The e-text and the other valuable resources on the site can all be accessed for free. The site covers topics such as the U.S. Constitution and federalism. Resources for each topic include historical documents, research and study helps, news articles, a section on applying what you've learned, and more. Additionally, the site offers an extensive library categorized by topics such as historical documents, speeches, Supreme Court decisions, war messages, and much more. Visitors will also be interested in the glossary and the multimedia gallery.

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