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It's My Life
Kid-driven site on important kids' issues from PBS -- a winner!
Grade Level: 3-5, 6-8

This interactive health site, funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, focuses on mental health and relationship issues that children face in their everyday lives.
Cute graphics, color, and easy-to-read text make this site appealing. RealPlayer plug-in is needed to view the video clips.
The content is organized into five main topics, which are accessible from the navigation buttons on the left side of the page. Each area has a top navigation bar for movement within that area.
On this site, each of the main topics deals with the issues and problems youngsters face in their daily lives. Each of the main topics is divided into subtopics that cover such issues as depression, eating disorders, divorce, staying home alone, bullies, and much more. This site also offers kids the opportunity to share their own stories, learn how other kids have dealt with their problems, suggest poll questions, and play games and activities that teach solutions to situations. The teacher/parent area includes lesson plans, worksheets, discussion guides, and offline activities for each of the main topics. A high-quality site from a superb source!

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