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The Global Schoolhouse
Superb site for online projects is still going strong!
Grade Level: K-12, Professional

This award-winning site from the Global Schoolnet Foundation is a great resource for teachers and students to integrate online collaborative learning into their curriculum.
This site is well-designed, easily-read, and has small, colorful graphics.
A top navigation bar with drop-down menus and a main page with embedded links guide users through the site easily. There is also a handy site map that indexes all of the content for quick access.
The Global Schoolhouse "provides free online support to teachers, schools, and kids." There is a wealth of information here for teachers looking to use technology as a communication tool in their classrooms. The Global Schoolhouse brings corporations and schools together to offer a long list of projects that allow students from around the world to work together online. A highlight of the site is the Projects Registry, a database of school Internet projects that teachers can use to search for collaborative projects to join. They can also submit a project of their own. The projects can be searched by age level, start date, curriculum area, technologies used, collaboration types used, and keyword. In addition to its many other resources, the site also offers information on various competitions and programs.

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