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December 2002

College Profiles
Good guide to a list of about 200 colleges.
Grade Level: 9-12, Advanced

This site provides comprehensive profiles of about 200 colleges, profiles that include information "about academic programs, athletics, campus life, facilities, expenses, financial aid, and much more."
The layout features color and an easily read font incorporated into a table to keep the pages neat.
Information at the site is organized in a variety of ways. Directories, search tools, and featured topics are listed on the main page. The directories can be searched by school name, major, location, and cost. Navigation is intuitive and easily followed through the site.
The College Profiles site is a valuable resource for students and parents who are in the process of choosing the right college. This site has a wealth of information on everything from academic programs to athletics to campus life to financial aid and much more. There are several ways to find the needed information. The Custom College Search provides users a variety of options for finding the right choice and returns information on in state and out of state tuition costs, size of school and a link to the school's web site. If that isn't enough there is an interactive map for choosing a school in a particular state, directories for specific groups of schools (Catholic, Womens, Black, Christian or Two Year) and a handful of digital video campus tours. Additionally, topics such as choosing the right college, financial aid, test prep courses and others are discussed. The only limitation of the site is the number of colleges currently profiled -- about 200 of the thousands in America.

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