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December 2002

Justice Learning
"Civics in real life" from the New York Times & National Public Radio!
Grade Level: 6-12

Justice Learning is a collaborative effort between The New York Times and National Public Radio to provide a "real world" civics education web site for secondary teachers and students.
This well designed site uses color and graphics effectively. Real Player is needed for listening to the audio portions.
The site is easily navigated and user-friendly. Major sections of the site can be accessed from the graphical links on the main page or from the left side menu on all pages.
Justice Learning brings civics education into the real world and gives students a first-hand look at democracy. The site explores current issues that directly affect students' everyday lives and "communicates how the United States Constitution and institutions of democracy (Congress, courts, presidency, press, and schools)" shape them and develop around them. There are currently eight featured issues, including affirmative action, gun control, and zero tolerance. Each issue is supported with standards-based lessons; primary source information on how the Congress, President, the courts, schools, and the press affect the issue; as well as summaries, articles, editorials, and oral debates. The facts of the covered issues are presented as well as different perspectives on the issue. Included are polls, questions, and links to online forums. This is a superlative site from world-class sources -- a must-see for social-studies teachers!

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